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Prof. Dr. Thomas Dresbach


1992 Master of Science at the Institute for Cell Biology, Univ. Bonn, Dept. of Prof. Dr. V. Herzog. Title: "Examining the composition of the secretory product of thyroid cells in vitro: Detection of thrombospondin and the plasminogen-activator and characterisation of a 43-kDa protein"
1993-1996 PhD-thesis work at the Max-Planck-Institute for Brain Research, Frankfurt/M., Dept. Molecular Biology of Prof. Dr. H. Betz. Title: "Molecular biological, biochemical and electrophysiological studies of the function of synaptic proteins of the squid Loligo pealei: Identification of stimulatory and inhibitory components of neurotransmitter release".
7-9 1994 and 8-10 1995 Research work in the lab of Prof. Dr. G.J. Augustine at the MBL, Woods Hole, Mass., U.S.A.
1996 Ph.D. from the Faculty for Mathematics and Science of the Univ. Bonn
1997-2003 DFG research fellow and PostDoc in the Dept. of Neurochemistry and Molecular Biology (Head: Prof. Dr. E.D. Gundelfinger) at the Leibniz-IfN, Magdeburg, Germany. Research topic: "Molecular and cellular mechanisms of active zone assembly".
2003-2010 Teacher and independent research group leader at the Institute of Anatomy and Cell Biology (Head: Prof. Dr. J. Kirsch), University of Heidelberg. Research topics:
  • "Molecular and cellular mechanisms of active zone assembly"
  • "Transsynaptic signalling in presynaptic terminal maturation"
  • "Role of vertebrate-specific proteins in presynaptic function"
  • "Synaptic maturation and psychiatric disorders"
2009 Appointment as a full professor (W2) at the University of Göttingen (Beginning August 2010)