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Dr. Bernd Püschel


Scientific interests:

Early embryonic development

Differentiation of embryonic germ cells

Mechanisms of mesoderm induction

Current projects:

Isolation and characterization of the mitochondria associated germ cell antigen PG2.

Successful embryonic development depends not only on a properly imprinted cell nucleus but also on many cytoplasmic components and factors provided by the oocyte. A monoclonal antibody raised against the primordial germ cells of rabbits (Viebahn et al. 1998) was found to recognize a mitochondrium-associated antigen in primordial and adult germ cells (Schäfer-Haas and Viebahn 2000; Ricken and Viebahn 2002). This antigen (PG2) is exclusively present in germ cells as wells as in the zygote and the blastomeres of the early embryo. However, the role of this antigen in germ cell differentiation and early development is still unclear. Biochemical characterization will be attempted using lysates of isolated adult germ cells. Additionally cDNA expression libraries in pro- and eukaryotes will be screened to identify and isolate the cDNA coding for the PG2 antigen.

Rabbit antral follicle PG2/DAPI The picture shows the immunefluorescence of a cryosection of a rabbit antral follicle stained for PG2 (red), a constitutive mitochondrial antigen (MTCO2, green) and DAPI counterstaining of the nuclei. The oocyte is seen in the center of the picture. The colocalization of mitochondria (green) and PG2(red) result in a yellow color. The oocyte is surrounded by the zona pellucida (no staining) and by granulosa cells (granulosa cell nuclei are stained blue).

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